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  • Shruthi Venkatasubramanian

Overcoming Personal branding photoshoot challenges - A guide to success

Usually when someone starts blogging they begin with their purpose, explaining what they do, what they have to offer and so on. But (ignoring the fact that i started a sentence with but) if you are here at this point you already know what I do and what I offer. I am going to start with how we can learn to overcome challenges to achieve stunning results with Personal Branding photography.

Personal Branding Photography in essence is a photo session tailor-made to support entrepreneurs and business owners establish their presence with imagery that reflects their product, their values and the people who work behind the scenes to create this product. Consider it a visual biography if you will.

Female Financial advisor Brand Shoot
Financial Advisor Brand Shoot

Some of the most common challenges that people face when they embark on this personal branding photography aspect of their entrepreneurial life is being self-conscious. Things like “ I don’t know what to do with my hands”, “I need to lose weight to do this”, “ No one wants to see my face!”. Been there done that, these shoots are meant to be empowering experiences that are meant to build your confidence and the way we achieve that is through our professional guidance through every step. We have in-house stylists that will understand your brand and you, so they can build a set of outfits that are going to be literally “on-brand” and make you feel your best self for the shoot. There will be a glam team that will pamper you with make up that is flattering to you and that you feel the most comfortable in and a hairstyle that compliments you. And as the photographer, we will tell you exactly where your hands go, where to look, which way to turn your body and find the best angles that make you look gorgeous.We will be honest, some of those poses can feel like your doing a bit of pilates but we promise you that the results will be nothing short of breath-taking, pun fully intended!

Hairstylist and Make up artist magic
Glam Team to pamper every client

Another major challenge is having Unclear Brand Vision. We can help you with that. We can sit with you and do a brand clarity consultation session and build a story for you and your brand by asking questions and establishing direction. We will establish everything from the goal to vision for the shoot, the mood, colors, look and feel and we will story board the entire day.

Planning & prepping
Client questionnaire

Time is also an incredibly limited resource, especially for an entrepreneur like you. We get that, being pulled in different directions is something we absolutely empathize with and add in being a parents and personal challenges, your calendar can look crazy. That’s why a planning session is key, it helps to streamline the entire photoshoot, and everyone is aware of what they need to bring to the table. This planning session is not just a time saver, but also keeps everyone on theme. From covering brand vision and goals to props and wardrobe, the session gives everyone involved a clear idea of what is to come on shoot day.

Realtor at her listing
Realtor personal branding shoot

The last major challenge we hear is budget. Results don’t come without investment. Personal branding is that investment and we have packages to suit every budget and need. From an entrepreneur who might need this maybe once in two years to someone who needs digital assets every month - there is an offering for everyone. From subscription packages to one off packages, we have it all and they are all value and need driven services.

So when you are thinking about these pain points or rather challenges in your personal branding photography session, call and talk to us and see how we can help you in every stage and how we can hand hold you and take the stress off your plate. Leave this to us and you go and be brilliant at running your business, we are here to help.


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