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"Life really does begin at 40,up until then you are just doing research" - Carl Jung

40 over 40

40 is such a magical number, somehow the acquired wisdom of years past, brings with it an acceptance we never had before. We are wiser, more comfortable in our own skin, and have a very clear picture of who we are. 40 is a very under represented demographic, let's change that! Let's redefine what beauty over 40 looks like and fall in love with ourselves all over again. Let's celebrate being the older, wiser, sexier, more elegant and more experienced version of ourselves. Come join me, won't you? I need just 40 women over the age of 40, to help me prove my point. 




Photo Session

Don't worry about whether you are photogenic or whether you know how to pose, I got you! That's my job. I will coach you through it all.




Wardrobe Consultation

There will be 3-5 outfit changes, but don't worry we will plan this out well in advance.



Professional Hair & Make Up

You will get the celebrity treatment from our in house hair stylist and make up artist on the day of.




As a thank you, you will receive 2 free prints (more available for purchase), feature in an in house magazine, and tickets to a party to celebrate and connect with other participants.

Session Fee is $500 and packages start at $2000

Reserve your Spot Today!
Ph : 732 357 5948


Studio S Portraits

Shruthi is a contemporary portrait photographer based in Rhode Island/Massachusetts who loves photographing people in a way that celebrates them.

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